Our drive is our passion for perfect super sports cars. We do everything possible to tailor your vehicle to your driving style, your demands and the purpose of use. Only a perfectly tuned GT car gives the confidence necessary to fully exploit the limits of driving dynamics. Benefit from over 20 years of experience in developing and tuning Porsche GT cars. 

YOU and your GT: double fun minus 10 sec* - Guaranteed!

Setup-Package for Porsche GT-Cars

Package N0 1

Explore the Possibilities

What you get:

Joint analysis mission
to the individual potential
assessment of your vehicle

Short training and feed
back to your individual vehicle settings

Insights into the secrets
GT driving dynamics

Package N0 2

Exceed the Expectations

What you get:

Screening of the chassis and aggregate bearing, relax and laser measurement 


Benefit from over 20 years
Experience Development
and tuning GT vehicles


Package N0 3

Perfection & Symbiosis

What you get:

Your Porsche GT:
Fits like a tailor-made suit


Learn the secrets of vehicle dynamics GT cars
by professional


Package N0 4

Improve the Possibilities

What you get:

Your individually assembled package for
ultimate performance

Adaptation on the ground
Intensive driver training
with own instructor



Valid for Porsche-models: 918 Spyder, 981 GT4, 718 GT4, 718 Spyder, 718 GT4RS, 991 GT3, 991 GT3RS, 991.2 GT3, 991.2 GT3RS, 991.2 GT2RS, 911R, 991.2 GT3 Touring, GT-Speedster, 992 GT3, 992 GT3RS.  Further models on request


*Everyone has their own driving style, their own perception of performance, their own taste in driving behaviour and feedback. In our trainings, you will learn about the technology behind the driving dynamics of your GT car, describe it and pay attention to your feeling when driving. Instead of tuning you to the vehicle, we are happy to adapt your vehicle to you and your individual wishes. We create the perfect symbiosis between you and your Porsche GT.

Benefit from improved haptic feedback, increased linearity and reproducibility, take advantage of the increased grip level and enjoy added comfort.

Increase your driving pleasure above all by the significant increase in confidence in the now outstanding driving dynamics.

Experience these benefits not only on the racetrack, but enjoy your perfect tool whenever and wherever you want.

Are you interested in a training or one of our setup packages, or do you just have other questions? You can find our contact details here


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